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The Anser al-Ra'id is a faction in Full Spectrum Warrior: Ten Hammers.

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The Anser al-Ra'id ("Supporters of Ra'id") lay claim to the northeast section of Khardiman and have declared this quarter of the city off-limits to Coalition Forces.

Their leader is Mullah Qari Ra'id. When Al-Afad sized power, Ra'id fled to Tajikistan. From there, he was instrumental in calling attention to the atrocities being carried out under Al-Afad and actively called for U.N. intervention. During the war, Ra'id reentered the country and organized the northern tribes into a formidable fighting force that supported the US incursion. Now that Al-Afad has been defeated Ra'id's goal is to establish a separate state in northern Zekistan. The more fanatical elements of the Anser al-Ra'id are the Hashishim al-Ra'id ("Assassins of Ra'id"), known for ruthless tactics and torture.[1]

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